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The quickest and easiest way to learn software is by using step by step video tutorials. This comprehensive five hour course will save you time and money and make it simple for you to create and publish your own content using Scrivener.


Lectures: 40
Video: 5 Hours
Skill Level: All Levels

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Scrivener is my favorite writing software for anyone who is planning to write anything creative like:

  • A novel or a series.

  • Non fiction books.

  • A dissertation or a research proposal.

  • Any kind of script writing for movies, gaming development or even your own videos that you plan to share on YouTube and other social media websites.

  • Writing and organizing your whole campaign from sales letters to scheduled emails if you are doing Internet Marketing.

  • And of course gathering your research and writing your blog.

Next — See if my teaching style suits you.

It is much quicker and easier to learn how to use software if somebody shows you rather than trying to figure it all out by reading the manual, but you still might not like their teaching style.

Watch this short video to see if you like the way I explain things. My screen-capture software is on a Mac but if something is done differently on Windows I pull in screen shots to explain them clearly.

Five hours of videos like this one will take you on a complete walkthrough of how Scrivener works, and then you can come back and dig in to the features that suit your writing style best.



Open the box below to see the layout of the full course:

If you are a beginner you can go through the course from beginning to end in an afternoon and then come back to the units that interest you. If you are already familiar with Scrivener you can skip straight to the subjects you want to know about as you need them.

Full Scrivener | Step by Step Course Menu
Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Setting Up
Unit 1 Opening a Project in Scrivener
Unit 2 Menus and Customizing Your Toolbars
Unit 3 An Overview of the User Interface and View Modes
Unit 4 Setting Your Font Style
Unit 5 Setting Your Language and Spelling
Module 3 Binder Basics
Unit 1 Introduction to the Binder
Unit 2 Creating and Arranging Files and Folders
Unit 3 Changing Files, Folders and Icons
Unit 4 Importing Documents and Research Material Into Your Scrivener Project
Unit 5 Importing Your Manuscript From Another Writing Application
Module 4 Writing Your Book
Unit 1 Free Style Writing and Compose/Full Screen Mode
Unit 2 Plotting Loosely or Using the Cork Board
Unit 3 How to Plot or Track Your Progress Using the List Style Outliner View
Unit 4 How to Split Your Editing Window in Two
Unit 5 Page View (Mac only)
Module 5 Sorting and Editing Your Work
Unit 1 Finding and Replacing Text and Doing a Project Search
Unit 2 The Extremely Useful Collections Function
Unit 3 Making Revisions | Revision Mode (Mac Only)
Unit 4 Making Revisions | Working with Snapshots
Unit 5 Making Revisions | The Simple Way I do Most of My Revisions
Unit 6 Tips For Editing on the Fly and Using Some of Scrivener's Extra Useful Tools
Module 6 Compiling Your Book for Export
Unit 1 An Overview of the Compile Function for Windows Users
Unit 2 An Overview of The Compile Function for Mac Users
Unit 3 How to Compile a Standard Manuscript
Unit 4 How to Compile a Paperback Novel
Unit 5 How to Compile and Preview an eBook
Module 7 Customizing Your Visual Preferences
Unit 1 Adjusting The Colors of the User Interface (Windows)
Unit 2 Adjusting The Colors of the User Interface (Mac)
Unit 3 Showing Label Colors in Your Binder and Your Outliner Rows
Unit 4 Customizing the Cork Board Interface (Windows)
Unit 5 Customizing the Cork Board Interface (Mac)
Module 8 Interesting Extras that are Well Worth Knowing
Unit 1 Importing from a Mind Map Application into Scrivener
Unit 2 Keeping Track of Notes, Images and Links in the Inspector Window
Unit 3 Inline Comments, Notes and Annotations
Unit 4 Adding Footnotes to Your Documents
Unit 5 Making Your Own Text Format Presets
Unit 6 The Extra Options in the Mac Project Targets Menu
Unit 7 Backing up Your Projects to Drop Box
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Some recent reviews of the same course on Udemy (so you know these are not friends of mine)


After months of struggling to understand Scrivener, Karen’s tutorial not only answered nearly every question I had but showed me how to operate confidently in the Scrivener environment.

This is a MUST for anyone new to or struggling to understand this software. ~ Bill Weiss


The content is comprehensive and informative. I know so much more now than I did when I started. I am enjoying this. ~ Jean Gearhart

Made My Troubles With Scrivener Disappear

Clear, short, sound bites of useful information that changed my exposure to Scrivener. The difference is night and day. Now when I need a reference on how to do something I just pop back to the course and get the info. Highly recommended. ~ Michael Gallagher

There are no up-sells of further courses and there’s no drip feeding of units. All of the content is ready and waiting for a one time payment of


30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy for any reason.

If you pay using PayPal you will automatically be directed to the registration form after payment.
If you pay by card please click the “Return to site” link after payment to be taken to the registration form.