In this course for self-published authors I am going to show you how to format your own eBook in Microsoft Word ready to upload it to each of the major online stores.

No prior experience is assumed or required. I present simple, step-by-step instructions to help you produce a professional quality ebook that meets the requirements of major ebook retailers.

I like to make my courses clear and concise with no waffling on about how much you are going to love them. There’s no drip feeding and no up-sells, all of the content is ready and waiting.

Click on the course image below to find a preview of the actual training videos on and see for yourself if you think I am the teacher for you.

Format to eBook in Microsoft Word

Format in Microsoft Word and Convert to eBook in Calibre

  • Over 12 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!

  • Understand the fundamental differences between formatting for an eBook and formatting for hard copy.

  • What file size, aspect ratio and file type you will need for your book cover images.

  • Step by step instructions for formatting an ebook in Microsoft Word.

  • How to convert a Microsoft Word document into an eBook using the Calibre conversion tool.

  • How to download applications to preview your ebook and preview your .epub and .mobi files on them

If you enjoy any of my courses and you think they will be helpful for your friends, I would love you to tell them about it.