Scrivener, Microsoft Word and Book Covers

Scrivener Courses

A Full Step by Step Scrivener course here on my Website:


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The same course if you prefer to work on Udemy:


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Compiling Your eBook for Export in Scrivener:


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Scrivener for IOS on Udemy:

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Microsoft Word Courses

Format in Microsoft Word and Convert to eBook in Calibre.Word-Format-600-x-600HomePage

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Book Cover Courses

Here on Site: Book Covers Made Easy Using Free Canva and Gimp.


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On Udemy: Book Covers Made Easy Using Free Canva and Gimp.


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Learn Scrivener the Easy Way and Learn it FAST!
Scrivener is an awesome software tool for writers. Unfortunately, it has a reputation of being overwhelming and confusing to new users. . . . If you want to painlessly learn how to use this great writing software, then I highly recommend you take this course given by Karen. She does a fantastic job painting a clear picture on how to effectively use Scrivener; no matter what your objectives or goals, or if you’re using the program on a MAC or Windows platform. ~ John Leschinski

Comprehensive, yet simple enough to get started writing with Scrivener.
I love Karen’s course for using Scrivener. She has some great insights for the software that cost much less than the competition with the same or more insights than they provide.

This course has some great downloadable “cheat sheets” as well as other comprehensive materials that you will find yourself coming back to over and over again should you find yourself stuck in Scrivener.Eric Beaty



I went through the entire course in one afternoon and found a wealth of details that will help
– even though I’ve formatted two of my own ebooks and several for other writers in the past. Highly recommended. ~John Pearce

Karen Prince does a wonderful job explaining and simplifying each concept by showing each step.
I have been able to put all concepts learned to use immediately. Thank you! ~ Carol Pena



Excellent demonstration and clear explanation of every step I need to implement in eBook’s formatting.
There are also several hot tips I’ve never seen before. I highly recommend to everyone who is struggling with Word/eBook creation and formatting! ~ Roger Burgina

If you’re interested in learning how to package and publish your own eBook, then this is the course you want to follow.
The instructor walks you through the process in a very simplistic manner without being condescending, which is not the easiest balance for even experienced teachers to make.

As the icing on the cake, you’re shown how to do it all with software that you’re either already likely to have, or can easily get your hands on. If you have the “Will”, then as far as the “Way” goes, it doesn’t get any easier than this. ~ Yardell Perkins



I am already feeling more confident about making my own covers.
There is so much good information here but it is presented clearly and without being overwhelming.

Later: I completed my first book cover, something I could never have done without the course, and am very pleased with it! ~ Karen Ballentine

This is an absolutely excellent course!
It goes over everything you need to know on how to create those great covers everyone else seems to have.

I also liked the teaching style – very thorough and engaging, without being boring. I had already been using Canva and Gimp, but I learned a ton! I highly recommend this course! ~ Debra Barton



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