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Scrivener Step by Step

Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Setting Up
Unit 1 Opening a Project in Scrivener
Unit 2 Menus and Customizing Your Toolbars
Unit 3 An Overview of the User Interface and View Modes
Unit 4 Setting Your Font Style
Unit 5 Setting Your Language and Spelling
Module 3 Binder Basics
Unit 1 Introduction to the Binder
Unit 2 Creating and Arranging Files and Folders
Unit 3 Changing Files, Folders and Icons
Unit 4 Importing Documents and Research Material Into Your Scrivener Project
Unit 5 Importing Your Manuscript From Another Writing Application
Module 4 Writing Your Book
Unit 1 Free Style Writing and Compose/Full Screen Mode
Unit 2 Plotting Loosely or Using the Cork Board
Unit 3 How to Plot or Track Your Progress Using the List Style Outliner View
Unit 4 How to Split Your Editing Window in Two
Unit 5 Page View (Mac only)
Module 5 Sorting and Editing Your Work
Unit 1 Finding and Replacing Text and Doing a Project Search
Unit 2 The Extremely Useful Collections Function
Unit 3 Making Revisions | Revision Mode (Mac Only)
Unit 4 Making Revisions | Working with Snapshots
Unit 5 Making Revisions | The Simple Way I do Most of My Revisions
Unit 6 Tips For Editing on the Fly and Using Some of Scrivener's Extra Useful Tools
Module 6 Compiling Your Book for Export
Unit 1 An Overview of the Compile Function for Windows Users
Unit 2 An Overview of The Compile Function for Mac Users
Unit 3 How to Compile a Standard Manuscript
Unit 4 How to Compile a Paperback Novel
Unit 5 How to Compile and Preview an eBook
Module 7 Customizing Your Visual Preferences
Unit 1 Adjusting The Colors of the User Interface (Windows)
Unit 2 Adjusting The Colors of the User Interface (Mac)
Unit 3 Showing Label Colors in Your Binder and Your Outliner Rows
Unit 4 Customizing the Cork Board Interface (Windows)
Unit 5 Customizing the Cork Board Interface (Mac)
Module 8 Interesting Extras that are Well Worth Knowing
Unit 1 Importing from a Mind Map Application into Scrivener
Unit 2 Keeping Track of Notes, Images and Links in the Inspector Window
Unit 3 Inline Comments, Notes and Annotations
Unit 4 Adding Footnotes to Your Documents
Unit 5 Making Your Own Text Format Presets
Unit 6 The Extra Options in the Mac Project Targets Menu
Unit 7 Backing up Your Projects to Drop Box
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