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Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Finding Book Cover Inspiration and Images and Avoiding Copyright Infringement
Unit 1 Finding Inspiration
Unit 2 Understanding Copyright
Unit 3 Where to Find Suitable Images For Your Book Cover
Module 3 Technical Terms and Specifications for Book Cover Images
Unit 1 Understanding the Technical Terms Used in Image Design
Unit 2 Current Specifications for Catalogue and Embedded eBook Covers
Module 4 Designing an eBook Cover in Canva
Unit 1 Setting up a Project in Canva Using a Template
Unit 2 Working With Your Own Images in Canva
Module 5 Designing a Paperback Cover Using Gimp and Canva
Unit 1 Paperback Book Cover Specifications
Unit 2 Cropping the Createspace template in GIMP so that you can use it in Canva
Unit 3 Setting up a Paperback Book Cover Project in Canva Using Your Custom Template
Unit 4 Designing Your Paperback Book Cover in Canva
Unit 5 Placing Your Paperback Cover Design Back into GIMP and Exporting it as a PDF
Module 6 Setting up and Designing a Book Cover in GIMP Using Special Effects
Unit 1 Getting Started With The Right Sized Canvas in GIMP
Unit 2 Understanding Layers and Blend Mode in GIMP
Unit 3 Applying a Layer Mask and Blending the Background in GIMP
Unit 4 Using the Text Tools to Add a Book Title in GIMP
Module 7 Reducing Your Catalogue Covers to a Suitable Size to Embed Within Your eBook
Unit 1 Reducing Your Catalogue Covers to a Suitable Size to Embed Within Your eBook
Module 8 Conclusion
Unit 1 Conclusion
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