Don’t be tempted to dip in the river to cool off. It may be the last thing you do.

As children, we often swam in rivers, but that was before we knew much about crocodiles. The nile crocodile, despite being ruthlessly hunted and slaughtered for its hide throughout Africa, … Continue Reading →

Chimp Meeting

Chimpanzee: Smarter than you think.

Don’t arm the little blighters! They are a lot smarter than they look. In the 1970s Idi Amin’s forces trained a bunch of chimpanzees to fight with machetes. They were … Continue Reading →

Leopard Skins

Brilliant Solution to Leopard Poaching.

Back in the very old days when there weren’t that many people, it seemed like a great idea to kill a leopard and wear his skin whilst conducting religious ceremonies. The leopards … Continue Reading →

Scrivener desktop

The Top 5 Reasons Why Scrivener is My Favorite Writing Software

Hi everybody, I promised my writer’s group I would do a quick ScreenFlow demonstration to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to writing in Scrivener. So once it … Continue Reading →

llama neither h nor h

Llama: A Hilarious Character

Looking for a fun, funky animal to include in your fantasy novel? Take your inspiration from the South American llama; a perfect addition to any story set in a milieu … Continue Reading →

Rift Valley

The Lost Kingdoms of Karibu

You can’t see the Kingdoms of Karibu from the outside, although they have been there all along. Aeons ago, a deep fissure started to grow across the top of the … Continue Reading →

Mopane Worm

Tasty Grubs and Tokoloshe

Growing up in Africa was fantastic. I spent my early childhood searching for King Solomon’s mines and other lost treasures  amongst the ancient ruins in the kopjies dotted around the … Continue Reading →